Friday, November 20, 2009

Wow, it has been months...

I have been amazingly busy for months and months. I am going to be busy for months and months to come. I keep thinking I am going to catch up any day now but, not going to happen!

The dog needs a haircut, my home needs a really good cleaning, as usual lot of laundry (which for the life of me I cannot figure out how 2 people and a dog that doesn't wear clothing can accumulate so much of), a stack of sewing for others, and the list goes on. I don't know where I got the idea that being over 50 was going to be relaxed and calm - it is like being on a rollercoaster 24/7! But at least I'm not bored!

My husband bought me a new set of cookware, red and cooper in color. It is very pretty but I hope he doesn't think it will make me cook any better. I doubt there is anything that will do that. They are so pretty I didn't want to put them in the cabinet! Maybe they are making me want to cook just a little bit. But don't worry, I think I can refrain, for the most part!

For Thanksgiving dinner I am going to try my hand at a new cornbread dressing recipe that was demonstrated by my friend from church, Sherri. It was the best I have ever tasted. And I finally found my wonderful chocolate pie recipe that has been lost for about 10 years, in a cookbook, of all places. Yeah, I know, if I used the cookbook more I would have found it sooner. Another friend from church, Darla, gave me a recipe for her yummy pumpkin pie and I think I will try it also, it was also very delicious. That will probably be the last time I do any major cooking until Christmas eve.

In the meantime, This week I start working on a 4x4 foot canvas painting for the National Veteran's Wheelchair Games. My deadline for finishing is January 1. (I work well under pressure!) This will be an addition to the previous 6 panels I painted in 2004. You can see them at, if you are interested.

Encourage our Youth

Check here for the blog of a couple of young ladies I know who are working hard to support a good cause. Even if you aren't in the marketing vacinity for their goodies (and I know from personal experience they are goodies) go on over and leave a message about their project. Give some encouragement!

By the way, you can also make donations directly to their cause with Paypal by going to Psalm 67's website at, logging in and clicking on the donate button.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Where Was I???

I don't know where I was when this picture was taken but if I had been there I am sure there would have been a lot of screeching going on about babies on roofs........

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Angelica Schaaf, Editor of Handmade News published by, has graciously included me in a feature article. Please take a look at the article here, and be sure to browse through the publication, it has lots of interesting featured artists, techniques, tips and many other fun things!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sweet as Sugar Candy

Ok, so I guess I have to admit that grandmotheritis has really got a hold on me. Sorry, but I just can't resist, I have to show her off. Olivia Grace will be 2 years old this week and she is as sweet as sugar candy!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Knittting Mode

Olivia needs new sweaters. I know, it is in the 90's in St. Louis right now but Olivia's mom knows that sometimes it takes Grammy a while to get things made so she was very smart and asked me early! Two have been ordered, bright orange and white. I have the yarn, I have two patterns that are acceptable and I am a little burned out with beading at the moment so the knitting mode has begun. I can't do power knitting for long because it affects my neck, my shoulder and eventually my whole upper body if I don't lay it down fairly often. I am sure it has something to do with my posture, the chair, etc. but I know it is mostly due to restriction of movement in my neck from a surgery about 8 years ago. So, well, I adapt. The orange cardigan is coming along nicely, so far. I am even remembering to include the button holes that I usually forget because I am moving along so quickly!

Most of the knitting on this particular sweater pattern is repetitive, you knit or purl along until a marker comes up and then do a different stitch at the marker. So, it doesn't take a lot of thought, other than clicking the row counter when you get to the end of a row. It is easy to watch tv, or listen to cds or even talk to someone while you are knitting in this fashion. The orange sweater is knit from the neck to the underarm, in one piece, and then the arms are put on a holder and the body of the sweater is continued to the bottom in one continuous piece. Then the each sleeve is finished in the round. There are no seams to finish. It is an easy, quick pattern that looks very nice and is comfortable. It is plain and very functional, a good play sweater that can be worn until it just can't be put on anymore because it has been outgrown.

When I get to the white sweater it will be totally a different story. The white sweater is made in several separate pieces and has a complicated pattern. Each piece will have to be seamed together when it is finished. The whole sweater is patterned in a sort of lace effect, very pretty and girlie looking. It will require a lot of attention and I don't doubt that I will make some mistakes along the way. It will take a lot longer to accomplish a finished sweater using this pattern but it will be a beautiful sweater and one that could become an heirloom but will probably be worn for less strenuous activities - we always save the pretty things for more special occasions - and therefore won't get as much wear.

As I was knitting and thinking about this it occurred to me that the orange sweater would be more likely to become an old favorite. It will be worn more often and Olivia will become used to it keeping her warm as she plays. If she wears it often enough and long enough it will even start to conform to her body and begin to keep her even warmer and be more comfortable. She will start to look for it when she is cold or needs to feel cuddly and it will seem like an old friend who gives comfort in its own way.

On the other hand, the beautiful white sweater will likely not be worn as much, possibly just to church on Sunday. It will function in basically the same way, to keep Olivia warm, but will probably not ever become as precious to Olivia as the plain orange sweater in which she can play and be herself. With the white sweater, Olivia will probably hear from her mom and grammy "Don't get your sweater dirty!" because the white yarn will easily become dingy with wear whereas the orange sweater is meant to be played and lived in. To compare the beauty of the two would cause the white sweater to win every time but the comfort and security factor will likely put the orange sweater on top.

To me the orange sweater is like having a loving God watching over me. The white sweater, while being the more beautiful on the outside, is to me like the world. The world is a beautiful thing on the outside, there is glamour, money, shiny toys, happy seeming lives, but it lacks the security, warmth and comfort of God. We can fool people into thinking we are happy and content without God's grace but our existence often fades quickly and becomes dingy, like the white sweater. I want the orange sweater! The one that is warm, comfy and that I can wear everyday, no matter what I am doing, and not be afraid when I roll around on the ground or stand on my head. It will protect me and keep me warm and that is where I want to be.

Well, back to the sweaters. I expect the orange to be done in less than two weeks. Hopefully the white will be done by fall! I will post pictures at some point.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Still a baby to me!

She will be 2 years old in July. She is seldom sits still. She is learning to speak Spanish along with her English. She loves to "run, run, run". She is very maternal with all her babies but she doesn't want any of them to wear clothes. She loves her "gramfadder". She loves to sing and dance around to the music on our cell phones. She is strong headed but soft hearted and is fairly obedient, for a 2 year old. Her grammy loves her very much. She is Olivia Grace.

Green Envy Design

These bracelets really caught my eye this morning. They are from the etsy shop of Green Envy Design which is owned by Gabrielle Elisabeth Neijman, better known as Esther! Esther also has beaded jewelry at Green Envy Design but I am going to show some of her wrapped bracelets. Esther is a member of EBW Team at etsy. Please visit her shop to see the other items she has created! By the way, she is from Holland!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Kaskaad - Beautiful Beads, Simple Designs

Owner of the etsy shop Kaskaad and creator of lovely jewelry items, Ainsely seems to me to be what some people in Missouri might call "a card". Here is an excerpt from her bio on her classy looking blog:

"I make jewellery. Or, at least I try. Sometimes there just isn’t the time, sometimes I’m just lazy. It’s certainly not for a lack of supplies. My goal is to create that special design, get a line going, and sell it to some of the local businesses (salons, clothing shops, etc.). I live in a town north of Toronto and have no desire to try and make it big in the city. I like my town and I’d love to make a name for myself here. It’ll take time and patience, but hey, I’m not going anywhere."

Doesn't that just make you want to meet her and see what comes out of her creativity? It does me. I have actually only become acquainted with Ainsely through Artisan Beader's, an etsy street team I joined early this year.

Ainsely's design style, as shown here, does not compare to my design style. Hers are simple, classy, feminine and sometimes delicate. Mine are complicated, artsy, bold and large. I love her style! I can't seem to create in a similar fashion, whatever I do always comes out large and detailed. Visit Ainsely's shop on etsy, see her photos on flickr, and don't miss her blog! Oh yeah, Ainsely loves to twitter!

Now if I could only cut back on the beads, or the size, or the fringe, or something.....................

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Yes, I do like Star Trek

Notice I didn't say trekkie, I am not a fanatic but I like the story! I remember sneaking to watch the ORIGINAL Star Trek when I was around 12 years old because my stepfather was so strict that was one of the things we were not allowed to do much, watch tv. He was a miserable man and often didn't allow us to do things simply because he was the boss and had control over us. But that is another story. I did get to watch Star Trek sometimes because it was his bowling night! That began a long time interest in all kinds of science fiction.

Yesterday my sister-in-law and I had a day at the movies and saw the new Star Trek movie. It was excellent and I am ready to go back again and see it all over. I think that the original actors are so attached to the characters that it would have been very disappointing if the makers of the movie had not worked off of the original actors in picking the actors to play the young character. They did an excellent job! It is amazing how you can see the continuation of the characters from the "young" actors to the original "older" actors. I found it very believable in the story. Especially with Spock, Scotty and Bones. It was a really good show! And we had a great time!

The only thing I really missed was the original music. If it was in there somewhere the movie was so exciting that I totally missed it.

Friday, May 22, 2009

The Jewelry Box - A Hodge Podge of Beaded Jewelry

A very lovely new friend, Brenda of The Jewelry Box, is being featured here today. I met her when I joined the etsy Artisan Beaders Street Team and she has wonderful handmade jewelry!

Today I am showing several pairs of earrings, some are from her etsy shop, and some from her other shop at

Brenda uses sterling silver, fine silver, antique copper, gunmetal, gemstones and glass, seed and lamp worked beads in her original creations. In other words - she grabs everything and makes something beautiful! You can see more of The Jewelry Box designs on Brenda's flickr pages and please be sure to go to her blog. Look for her bracelets and necklaces, also. Everything is just yummy!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Maggie Dog

Maggie is "my" dog. Maggie doesn't know she is a dog and doesn't even like dogs. Maggie is VERY smart, so smart that we now have to spell things like "go" and "chicken" and "Walmart". You get the picture? Maggie is about 6 years old now and we thought she would be about 8 pounds when she was grown. Maggie is 17 pounds. Her mother was a schnauzer and her father a yorkshire terrier. She is a yowzer or a snorkie or something like that. Maggie was supposed to be my dog but she thinks she is my husband's dog. I am okay in her sight but her Papa is the one she longs for.

I am the one she begs from.

At the end of most days I put on lounge wear (we call them dusters but they are what most people would call a light robe or house dress probably), get my phone, my glasses, my cool drink, the tv controller, and go sit in front of the tv, maneuver everything within reach, adjust the pillow behind my back and then put my lap board on my lap with all the beading stuff that tries to roll off because it is balanced precariously on the lap board and prop my feet on a foot stool.

Only after all this takes place and I am finally able to relax and start beading does Maggie let me know that she either needs to go out or needs her daily treat. It never happens before. Never. So, after hearing her whine quietly and feel her staring at me for a few minutes I get up, doing everything in reverse, carefully so as not to spill anything, and go get the treat or whatever. Then the process starts all over again.

Now I ask you, who is the smarter of the two of us? If it were me don't you think I would remember to get the treat before I even started to sit down? Huh? Huh?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Gearing Up

Summer is upon us (although you might not know it with this goofy weather) and that means calendars are filling up with activities! Just in the next two months is a Bead Art show, family birthdays, Bluegrass festivals, sewing classes, theology classes, motorcycle trips, and all kinds of stuff.

Since I didn't bead all winter, I am now trying to get ready for Bead Art on May 30th and setting up a jewelry display at the local library on June 1st. I also need to do some maintenance work on my tent display for then and do some research for info to include in the library display. And I need to do some major cleaning out at home and general home stuff. Lots to do, lots to do.

Here is the information on Bead Art:

Lady Bug Beads presents...

Bead Art
Saturday, May 30th

In the parking lot of Lady Bug Beads
7616 Big Bend Blvd.
(Between Laclede Station Road and Shrewsbury Ave)

Over 50 local vendors selling their original designs of beaded jewelry, clothing and art objects.

Silent Auction of designer pieces for
Make A Wish

Extra parking available across the street at Gracepoint of Webster Church

Admission FREE
Handicap accessible and Strollers welcome.

For more info call 314.644.6140

So, if you are in the area, please stop by. I will be located at the very top of the hill on the corner closest to the shop! Please take a look at my etsy shop for some of the designs that will be available at my booth that day. My newest designs are not all listed there yet so there will be some surprises at Bead Art! Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Shiny Adornments - Artisan Handmade and Wire Wrapped Jewelry

Kristy, of ShinyAdornments, creates beautiful, handmade artisan earrings, bracelets and necklaces but I thought it would be great to feature the lovely hair sticks that she offers in her etsy shop. However, I just couldn't leave out some other great items so here is a composite picture of several creations at Kristy's shop that made me drool on my keyboard!

Kristy is also a member of Artisan Beader's Street Team and her work can also be found at artfire and flickr. Be sure to check out the blog, also! It will be time worth the spending!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow...

I just realized it has been several weeks since I have blogged. Sometimes life is just so busy!

It was brought to my attention this weekend that I haven't thought recently about how very blessed my life is. So I am taking this time to think about it a little bit. Having a recent birthday and anniversary, and Mother's Day and the 2nd birthday for my grandchild coming up, brought these statistics to mind:

Percentage wise I have been a child of the King for 72% of my life, married 65% of my life, a mom for 56% of my life and a grammy for almost 1% of my life.

I find that pretty staggering, because in my head I am still 22 years old, not the real age of 57!

Christ found me when I was 16 years old, in a sad home situation and no one to really lead me in a good direction. Praise Him for finding and keeping me all these years, even when I wasn't following Him as I should. He never let me go, not even once in 41 years. He is the lover of my soul.

Then Don, my husband, came along. He never even dated anyone besides me and he has never deserted me or let me go, not even once in 37 years. He is the lover of my heart.

Then Rachel, my daughter, was born. It took 6 years and a lot of tears before she came along. I always felt in my heart that she would probably be the only child I would bear and I guess that made her very special from the start. We have a very close relationship and she has always shown me respect and love, even when I wasn't very respectable or loveable. God sent her a wonderful spouse, Aaron, who loves God and his family, they are a wonderful match and I love him like a son. Rachel has never given me reason to doubt her love, not even once in 30 years. She is the joy of my heart.

What can I say about Olivia Grace, my granddaughter? All she knows is that Grammy loves her. Grammy thinks she is adorable. Grammy thinks she is so smart. She is the holder of the strings to my heart.

All these things I am blessed with and I praise God from whom all these blessings flow.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Every Single Bit

"When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, "I used everything you gave me."
- Erma Bombeck

I just came across this quote on an old calendar in my collage files. I know of Erma Bombeck but don't really know very much about her, however I totally relate to the quote. God didn't make me a wonderful teacher or even a very good homemaker but he did give me talent to be able to do things with my hands and a creative spirit that leads me to create things. I know those creations are not the most important thing I will do during my life but if God gave me the resources they must have some use for Him. I want to use them all for Him, everyday, in a way that praises and glorifies.

That is my daily prayer for myself.

Make Love Not War by Hannah Rosner of Good River Gallery

This is extremely creative as well as beautiful! This was made especially for the Etsy Time Machine April Beadweaving Challenge by Hannah Rosner of Good River Gallery . Hannah's etsy shop is hannahrachel. Notice that the brass tubes are actually rifle casings.

Hannah is a member of EBW Team on etsy, which sponsors the challenge. More challenge entries can be seen at the EBW Team Blog where you can also vote for your favorite.

Nicely done, Hannah!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Islandgirl : Handworked Glass Beads and Jewelry

Lynn, owner and designer of islandgirl, the etsy shop of Fireball Beeds lampworked glass beads and jewelry, resides on a small island in the Bay of Fundy in the North Atlantic Ocean. With experience in lampwork since 1995, her beads are interesting and beautiful!

Lynne is a member of several street teams on etsy, including Artisan Beaders Street Team. Here are a few sumptious pics of her work:

More examples of islandgirl's lampwork, handforged silver and chain maille creations can be found in her Flickr site, blog, and website. Please visit!

Etsy shop Vickiorion - Orion Designs - Artisan Jewelry by Vicki Potter

Beautiful gemstone, glass and sterling combinations in earrings, necklaces and other jewelry creations can be found in the etsy shop, Vickiorion! Just take a moment to look at these beauties:

Vicki Potter, owner and artisan of Vickiorion and a member of Artisan Beader's Street Team, creates wonderful one-of-a-kind, handmade jewelry, suitable to every taste. If her creations were edible they would be delicious!

For more examples of delicious treats, visit Vicki's Flickr account or you can find her blogging HERE.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

New Treasury!

BinKaminka has graciously included my Southwest Vegas cuff bracelet in this beautiful treasury!

She is a bead artist and tailor residing in Latvia whose beaded jewelry and fashion corsets are available through her etsy shop, BinKaminka. You can also find her blogging here!

Monday, March 16, 2009

At least it feels like spring!

Or maybe that should say "At last it feels like spring!" Either way, the weather is nice today, sunny, warm and bright, despite starting out very foggy this morning in the low spots.

I am almost finished with 2 new bead embroidered pieces, both pendants and both in the same colors of green, red and violet. They are both meant to be worn on cords, leather or satin, or can also be worn on a chain. I will post them here soon! I have to start beading in earnest for the Bead Art show the last weekend of May, since I have barely touched a bead all winter. I usually do a lot of beading while we are camping but we sold the camper and won't be camping this year. Have to make time somewhere, though!

Above is a necklace name "Daisy Dreams" that is found in my etsy shop. The floral strands are made of little flowers using a daisy chain technique.

I loved these colors so much that I also made "Violet Moon Craters", shown below. I started wondering how many times I have used these colors and also noticed this bracelet, called "Iced Grapes" and the bracelet named "Ocean Bangles".

I guess I really like these colors because they keep popping up in my designs!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Spring, Spring, where art thou?

I have never been so cold, so often, as I have this winter. I want it to end. I am getting very impatient. Please, spring - hurry!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Creativity Spurt

Caution: creativity spurt is ready to occur!

I have been so busy doing other things that my creativity release gauge is about ready to explode. I can only go so long without creating something before all that stored up stuff starts to bog me down and I can't get the regular everyday things accomplished. I have tried to concentrate lately on getting organized, physically and electronically, and that has taken up most of my free time. Of course, I haven't had much free time lately because I have been spending it with good friends and family! So I am not complaining, but the creativity release gauge is going to have to be seen to pretty soon or the outcome won't be pretty.

"I am so ready for spring and so tired of cold weather". That is what most everyone I know has been saying and I agree. Seems the older I get, the more I notice the cold and this winter I think I've been cold most of the time. Now I know what my husband, Don, has felt like all these years, poor baby! Even the dog, Maggie, has gone without a haircut for longer than usual because of the cold. She looks like a woolly bear. I did trim her eyebrows on Saturday so she can see better! Still, this isn't a complaint. I know the cold has to come in order to enjoy the Spring. Just want it to hurry up!

We had a wonderful visit with a group of friends on Friday night - we had breakfast for supper and packed about 20 people into 3 small rooms. I forgot how much I like to have groups of people over to visit! We mostly ate and sat around telling tales. It was great.

On Saturday I spent the day with a friend sewing and teaching her to make purses. We talked about sewing and quilting and had a pleasant time together, just the two of us. Sometimes it is nice to just be two together so you can really get to know each other better. It was great, too.

On Sunday there was a missionary from Lebanon speaking in the morning and evening services. It was very sobering for me. In this country most of us have no idea what it is like to really live in a war torn area. We see it on tv and we hear it talked about on the radio, but I think we see so much on tv and in movies that is made up drama that it desensitizes us to the true reality of what is happening in the world. We got a little taste of it on 9/11 but even that soon fades into the past and isn't constantly remembered by most until it causes us some inconvience. The speaker on Sunday told us many truthful accounts of life in Lebanon, including times when his own life was in peril and he was beaten and jailed, just for welcoming someone into his home. I found his presentation to be very serious and thought provoking. I thank God for this country, even though at times it seems awfully far from being a godly country.

On a lighter note, here is one of the cuff bracelets in Rosevine Design's etsy shop. This is one big bracelet! I started to name it "Inspired by Elvis" but instead it is named "Southwest Vegas" because the colors are southwest but the bling is all Vegas. It is surprising comfortable to wear, even though the rectangular cabochon is a little hefty.

I love to make big jewelry because it gives me more room to play with the beads!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Cultivate a gentle spirit.......

I happened upon a wonderfully inspiring site that I would like to share. Here is an excerpt from one of its pages:

Cultivate a gentle spirit...

-Spurgeon, "Thou Art Now the Blessed of the Lord."

I do believe that there is nothing that has such power over
ungodly men as gentleness of spirit, quietness of behavior,
patience of character, and the continual conquest over an
evil temper.

If you grow angry when people are angry with you,
you will have lost your witness.
But if you can be patient under persecution,
if you can smile when they ridicule you,
if you can yield your rights,
if you can bear and continue to bear,
you are greater than the man who has taken a city.

Let the meek and lowly Christ be your example,
and seek to be a partaker of his Spirit.
He prayed even for his murderers, "Father, forgive them,"
and he ever sought to return good for evil.

I pray you to do the same, cultivate a gentle spirit.

This, along with many other gems, is found at Grace Gems. Please take time to look around there, you will find it very interesting, I think!

Ode to Spring Treasury

Here is an etsy treasury
that will make you pine for spring.
Everything that's in it
is a very nice shade of green!

Thanks, GrandmaMarilyn's, for including my Green Eyed Cat bracelet. Please visit her etsy shop where you will find lots of beaded beauties!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Brag Time

Here is the sweetest baby I know, Olivia. The top pic is from Christmas time 2008 and the bottom is from her vacation to Myrtle Beach, after taking a dip in the ocean. Isn't she a bathing beauty?

Monday, February 16, 2009

Finally - New Items

I have finally made the time to add some new jewelry items to my etsy shop. I am still in the process of adding more, as time allows, but here is a preview of the newest.

Yes, they are similar in color. I have a tendency to work in the same color groups for awhile! I think it is because the beads are already on my work surface and as I am working on one project another comes to mind and it is just easier to keep going in the same color! So I keep going until I run out of that color or another color combination grabs my attention and off I go in another direction.

The top necklace is named "Bottom of the Sea". The chain reminds me of coral and the dangles include various shapes, sizes and colors of beads, including the shell discs.

"Old Fashion Pendant", the bottom picture, is reminiscent of victorian jewelry. I could imagine it being worn by a Gibson Girl with a high necked collar edged with picot lace. This necklace has a spiral and stranded chain and a polymer cabochon surrounded by seed beads.

They can be found at my etsy shop, Rosevine Design. Please come by for a visit!

St. Louis Handmade

In a couple of months I am scheduled to be a featured artist at St. Louis Handmade, and I am very excited about it although I hope I didn't say anything really stupid in the interview! I am not really from St. Louis but about 35 miles south of there. Even so, I have been graciously included in their group by the leader, creator, wonderful person - Tammy Tutterow.

I am fairly newly acquainted with St. Louis Handmade so I am still learning a lot about it but I can tell you this, the St. Louis area is FULL of wonderfully creative artists and artisans! Just go to the site and see for yourself, when you have some time. It is pretty awesome!

Also, do yourself a favor and visit Tammy Tutterow's site - Fairy Davis. There are lovely heirloom items with ribbon embroidery, baby bonnets, and other pretties. Her blog is also a great place to visit!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Everyone deserves to be rewarded. Who doesn't like to be pointed out by their peers? I was just given the" Marie Antoinette Award" from Brenda of The Jewelry Box. No one knows what the award is really for (maybe someone saw me sitting on the couch with my feet up eating bon bons the other day) but it is nice to be singled out (with 6 other people) even if the reason is unknown! Brenda is a new friend and she makes really wonderful pieces, especially earrings! Brenda has a creative, sharing heart and her jewelry reflects that. You can find Brenda's creations at her Etsy Shop, and her 1000 Markets shop. Thank you Brenda for the award. If you every figure out what the award is really for, just let me know!!

Now for the rules of this award. The rules are as follows...
1. Please put the logo on your blog.
2. Place a link to the person from whom you received the award.
3. Nominate at least 7 or more blogs.
4. Put links of those blogs on your blog.
5. Leave a message on their blogs to tell them. And that's it!
I hope this award will make the following artists as happy as it made me!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Featuring handmade jewelry by etsy seller Patty of Broken TeePee Designs

Well, it has been a while since my last entry! There has been way too much going on around here including weddings, illnesses, weather and other busy stuff. I haven't had much time to bead because I have been sewing, but I have listed a few new items at my etsy shop and I have made new friends with the Artisan Beaders by becoming a member of their team. I would like to feature one of those new friends and fellow beader's shops in my blog today. At Broken TeePee Designs you will find beautiful and creative beaded jewelry that you will find as wonderful to wear as it is to look at. Not only does Patty, Broken TeePee Designs creator, make jewelry, but she also has a destash shop and a soap shop that has yummy looking soaps! She is a busy gal so click on over and she what Patty is up to. To see the wise words of Pricilla the goat just go to her blog.