Friday, June 12, 2009

Kaskaad - Beautiful Beads, Simple Designs

Owner of the etsy shop Kaskaad and creator of lovely jewelry items, Ainsely seems to me to be what some people in Missouri might call "a card". Here is an excerpt from her bio on her classy looking blog:

"I make jewellery. Or, at least I try. Sometimes there just isn’t the time, sometimes I’m just lazy. It’s certainly not for a lack of supplies. My goal is to create that special design, get a line going, and sell it to some of the local businesses (salons, clothing shops, etc.). I live in a town north of Toronto and have no desire to try and make it big in the city. I like my town and I’d love to make a name for myself here. It’ll take time and patience, but hey, I’m not going anywhere."

Doesn't that just make you want to meet her and see what comes out of her creativity? It does me. I have actually only become acquainted with Ainsely through Artisan Beader's, an etsy street team I joined early this year.

Ainsely's design style, as shown here, does not compare to my design style. Hers are simple, classy, feminine and sometimes delicate. Mine are complicated, artsy, bold and large. I love her style! I can't seem to create in a similar fashion, whatever I do always comes out large and detailed. Visit Ainsely's shop on etsy, see her photos on flickr, and don't miss her blog! Oh yeah, Ainsely loves to twitter!

Now if I could only cut back on the beads, or the size, or the fringe, or something.....................


Creative Treasures by Donna said...

WOW! Ainsley did an awesome job with those earrings. I love the warmth copper. Great job Ainsley! Lovely article Deb.

Orion Designs said...

I've admired those copper earrings for a while now ... and Ainse's rings are wonderful!