Monday, February 16, 2009

St. Louis Handmade

In a couple of months I am scheduled to be a featured artist at St. Louis Handmade, and I am very excited about it although I hope I didn't say anything really stupid in the interview! I am not really from St. Louis but about 35 miles south of there. Even so, I have been graciously included in their group by the leader, creator, wonderful person - Tammy Tutterow.

I am fairly newly acquainted with St. Louis Handmade so I am still learning a lot about it but I can tell you this, the St. Louis area is FULL of wonderfully creative artists and artisans! Just go to the site and see for yourself, when you have some time. It is pretty awesome!

Also, do yourself a favor and visit Tammy Tutterow's site - Fairy Davis. There are lovely heirloom items with ribbon embroidery, baby bonnets, and other pretties. Her blog is also a great place to visit!

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