Monday, March 16, 2009

At least it feels like spring!

Or maybe that should say "At last it feels like spring!" Either way, the weather is nice today, sunny, warm and bright, despite starting out very foggy this morning in the low spots.

I am almost finished with 2 new bead embroidered pieces, both pendants and both in the same colors of green, red and violet. They are both meant to be worn on cords, leather or satin, or can also be worn on a chain. I will post them here soon! I have to start beading in earnest for the Bead Art show the last weekend of May, since I have barely touched a bead all winter. I usually do a lot of beading while we are camping but we sold the camper and won't be camping this year. Have to make time somewhere, though!

Above is a necklace name "Daisy Dreams" that is found in my etsy shop. The floral strands are made of little flowers using a daisy chain technique.

I loved these colors so much that I also made "Violet Moon Craters", shown below. I started wondering how many times I have used these colors and also noticed this bracelet, called "Iced Grapes" and the bracelet named "Ocean Bangles".

I guess I really like these colors because they keep popping up in my designs!

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