Thursday, September 6, 2007

Exciting Things

Here it is September 2007 and the last few months have flown by. Olivia arrived a little early, her mom developed pneumonia while in the hospital and Olivia came home with me and her grandfather for a few days. Mom came home exhausted/still sick and the whole family stayed with me and her grandfather for a few days (7 or so!). Everyone went home for about a week and Olivia's other grandfather was diagnosed with a serious cancer so everything has centered around that for the past month. He is doing well after surgery but still hospitalized and Olivia's house is filled with extended family right now and for a while. We still manage to get the same things done with a more crowded schedule but it sure makes one tired!

Olivia is beautiful and so cuddly! I really like her a lot. Her mom and dad are so smart for giving us such a stinking cute baby girl.

God is so good to our family and I praise Him for His wonderful grace.

I have worked out my thoughts from the last post regarding using my talents for a meaningful purpose. My goal is to find the ways that I can use them in a meaningful way. That will be easy in some cases (free sewing classes through our church, etc.) and more difficult in others (time consuming jewelry production). But, I am confident that I am meant to pursue these activities that God has given me the talent or interests in. I will be posting some items that are available on this blog with the goal that at least 25% of the proceeds will be used towards mission outreach in my local area and foreign areas so check back often.