Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Waiting for the colors...............

I find myself looking often at the trees just waiting for the fall colors to begin showing in earnest. I love fall colors, they are so warm and earthy. They never seem to last long enough to get used to them so every year it is a treat when they show up and a wonder to me all over again that they are so beautiful. We get so used to the green grass that after a while it just gets to be a chore of mowing and we forget to enjoy the colors. With snow the problem is that the beauty only last for a short time then the ugly slush and grime takes over pretty quickly. I guess some people (like my husband) look at the leaves from a different perspective - that it is necessary for him to clean them up. I think the beauty of the leaves makes it all worth the cleaning up - but I am not the one who has to do it!!

We are into Hebrews in Sunday School and we have a wonderful teacher in Amy Lee, our pastor's wife. Her blog is here: http://usbtomybrain.blogspot.com/ although she doesn't blog very often! All we have talked about for weeks is the total power, holiness and priesthood surrounding God and Christ. That is so totally amazing and sometimes we tend to let that knowledge fall to the side without continually rejoicing in the truth and wonder of it.

Our family is very excited about a move coming up in less than 2 weeks - Our daughter and her husband are becoming first time home owners very close to where we live. The only disappointment for me is that I have a 3 day fall festival on the same days they are moving! I won't be there to boss anyone around!

I just participated in the second Bead Art jewelry show of 2008 last Saturday. It was an absolutely beautiful day, not as many sales as everyone would like according to what we heard just visiting around with the other vendors. But that was what everyone said at the spring show also and it was the biggest money-wise they had to date.

It is so easy as a vendor to get into the "make money, make money" frame of mind because that is what you are really there for, to sell as much as you can. Many people do it for their living but I do not. I love the creation and sell to share what I have made and to help pay for the supplies. I would love to make enough to be able to quit the day job but will never happen unless I commit to the craft fair/art show circuit and that is very gruelling.

Long ago I sold to make money and it overshadowed the creative process so much that I quit selling. Then later I started creating again, just what I felt like making and if it sold that was wonderful but if not then I gave my creations as gifts. I think I am getting into a new area that combines both ideas. I love to make the jewelry and will continue to sell it to liquidate the stockpile but I think I am going to get more into the business of selling for a profit with some other items, like I am starting to put in www.mommymadethis.etsy.com. I like to sell useful things that are functional and pretty. So far I am only doing 2 jewelry shows each year. I want to branch out with the other products at 3 local festivals next year and see how it goes.

So, for the next few weeks I will be feverishly sewing and adding to my tent display for the fall festival at Herculaneum, MO on October 10-12, helping out with my granddaughter while her mommy packs for the move and waiting for the colors....................