Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Run, Run, Run

I cannot believe how fast this summer is passing! Olivia is walking, starting to talk and knows how to say NO, with a loud voice.

Don and I have decided to sell our travel trailer, see here: http://stlouis.craigslist.org/rvs/770049690.html
in hopes of getting a new toy. It is getting so difficult to go camping anymore that we have decided it is not worth keeping the camper, although we are a little sorry to see it go. Maybe by the next time I write here I will be an official motorcycle grammy. But gotta sell the trailer first!

We are having a Ladies Conference this weekend at church and I think it will be a good weekend. If you want info just click on the Rockport Baptist Church link and there will be phone numbers there.

I have had a lot of computer chores lately. We had accumulated several computers at home, all with different operating systems. We had a Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows XP and a Vista laptop. The Windows 98 was running the embroidery machine and it was the oldest. The fan was going out, the cd recorder drive was dead, it needed more usb ports. Since I got the laptop I seldom use the XP and some of the new equipment we have won't run on the ME. So I trashed the 98, moved the ME to the embroidery machine and moved the XP over for Don to use.

Everything went really well, the ME was working wonderfully for the embroidery. All I needed was to finish moving and catagorizing all 10,000 embroidery design files and everything would be great. I had one folder left to move late on a Friday and was going to finish on Saturday, back everything up and be happy. When I got up Saturday and went to make a gift on the embroidery machine I found that my operating system had crashed. There was a storm over night and the power went out a few times. All the computers upstairs had been shut down but I forgot to get the one downstairs on the embroidery machine. I had to restore the system and load everything again. All my 10,000 unzipped and sorted design files were lost. Well, not totally. I did have most everything on cd in zip files.

Now I am wading through and trying to resort and move all the files. I feel like I am running in circles! So that is were my spare time has been spent this week. And I am only up to 1300 files and most of them are not sorted yet! Makes me want to go camping. Oops, forgot!