Saturday, January 30, 2010

Oh My Word!

Well, looks like 2009 is gone and now 2010 is in full swing. I haven't touched a bead in at least 4 months and I really am wanting to get started on several projects but it will probably be a while yet before I can think of it. All my jewelry is still on display at the local library, since June 1, 2009, if you can believe that! Every time I go to remove the display they request that I leave it and since I am not doing any shows now, I have. I just go raid the display every time I sell one of the pieces!

I have purchases some new beads. For some reason everything seems to be yellows, golds, tans and blacks. My fingers are just itching to get with it!

One reason I am not beading right now is that I have taken on new responsibilities. My son-in-law is the director for a newly formed missions group named Psalm 67 Missions Network and I am the volunteer office assistant. That really means that I do everything to make sure the short-term mission groups get where they are going, have what they need while there and get home again. My day job is approximately 30 hours a week, my Psalm 67 job is taking approximately 25 hours per week, so, do the math! I am pretty busy these days plus I have been doing some volunteer work at the local veteran's administration office. Plus I still haven't finished painting the canvas for National Veteran's Wheelchair Games that I wanted to have done by January 1. It has been busy.

I just want to be able to do everything at once!

God has certainly been good to our family this winter, no major illnesses or struggles. I had a sinus infection which caused me to have no voice for most of December but I am sure some would not find that to be a catastrophe! Pretty hard to answer the telephone when you can barely squeak out a sound, though.

For lack of anything better to show, here is a digital scrapbook page that I made in 2008 using a picture of the outside light on my front porch. You can't really see them but there are three little baby birds in the nest!

All I can say is, "Hurry Spring, hurry back soon!"

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Dani said...

Reading this post makes me miss you more. Dani